Thursday, July 16, 2009

We love Portland!

We are really enjoying being with family & friends. I've missed the northwest a lot. We miss Anthony like crazy and I've been bless to talk to him a few times this last week. These pics aren't super organized and I'll have to do another post later since I'm nowhere near ready to leave and we're taking off shortly! I took a couple pics at Enrichment. Erilee is a good friend from my ysa (Gresham) days. Ethan was entertained with Savannah Jamison--who was also the only other 'little' person at the activity that evening. It was nice to see some familiar faces & have a nice spiritual activity.

My dad & I had fun taking Ethan to the zoo. It was like sardines with the people there but great weather which helps. He saw the northwest, some farm animals, fish, ducks and other exhibits. After a certain point my dad & I just took turns taking him up close. It's easier than using the stroller to fight people off. haha He, of course, acquired a new shirt & toy before we left. He and grandpa got some pressed pennies for his great Auntie & Uncle Walker.

Monday night we had a nice bbq at my parent's house. I took quite a few pics here, at the zoo as well as just playing (inside & outside) at both houses. I will have to add a few more pics to another post later. We love & miss you. Be safe & happy

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