Friday, July 10, 2009

Best part of Georgia here in Portland

Chelsea and Ethan arrived here in Portland on Wednesday tired from the long journey that began at 4:00 am and did the scenic travel from Valdosta to Atlanta, to Los Angeles, then to Portland. Ethan seemed to do good other than not sleeping the entire trip. They had gotten some rest by Thursday when we enjoyed there visit that evening.

I was so grateful Ethan remembered us and our home. He came right in and wanted to play with the blocks rather than eat, so his dinner came later. Before to long of his playing he had us all sitting on the floor playing with him taking our turn to help build a tower. He would tell us grama turn, papa turn,or momma's turn.

He even would congratulate me "with good job grama" when I put the block in place.

Brio even allowed Ethan to brush her for a time. Which was a thrill to a little boy who loves animals.

When it came time for cleanup you can tell just how effective that was. The buckets for the toys were used as hats, which was fine. With the toys left out I know there is little ones still close around. Something I don't have very often.

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