Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sleep over with Ethan

Friday night we had the opportunity for a sleepover with Ethan so his momma could have time with her sister and friends. Now some would think that would be a challenge to entertain a two year old, or even to get him to bed, but not this little man. He plays hard and fast, so when it is nap time, or bed time its a piece of cake to lay him down and not hear a peep from him. The easiest job I have ever had.
Prior to his nap, Ethan and I went outside in the yard for him to enjoy playing with the animals and he got to see his great grandma, who was out in the driveway.

He ended up picking her the dandy lions from the yard, which made her day. Each time he would say "flower" as he handed it to her.

Part of our adventure timewith grama and papa was to go to the "Imagination Station" located out in Gresham.
It was a bit overwhelming at first, since there were allot of older children running around playing.

Ethan chose to walk around at first just looking to take it all in.

Then his little legs started running from place to place,

with me running to keep up with him.

One would wonder at times what he was looking at until we would hear the roar of a jet in the sky, and with much enthusiasm he would yell "airplane".

He has such a big fascination for them and would point out each one as it flew over. Needless to say he spent allot of time looking up with being right under the flight path. It was entertaining for all those close by to hear. How simple it was for him to be in augh. One of those things that as an adult I feel we take for granted. The miracle of flight, and gravity.

If only we would all step back more often to see things through the eyes of a child, and be fascinated on how far we have come in this world with things that can either simplify our lives, or I guess complicate them as well. Instead of get so caught up with the fast pace of life to even recognize all that is passing us by.

After returning back home it was play time with papa. Of course he was now the jungle gym.

Then a bath, and bed.

The time did slip away a bit, so his bed time ended up at 10:00 rather than 9:00, and he was ready to go.
Fascinated with the stars on the ceiling in the bedroom, which I had forgotten about until I turned out the light, he said "Stars" with such excitement.

Saturday morning we didn't have much time together since he woke up at 9:00 and Chelsea was coming with the other papa to take him to get new Nike shoes at 10:00. He enjoyed his pancakes that I made in the shapes of bears, hearts, and stars.
You can only guess which one was his favorite. Yep, it was the stars. That and the honey due melon were both a big hit.

There was little time for reading stories, however we did our best to squeeze in as much as we could.

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linda said...

How much fun to have Ethan for a night! He is so cute, and getting so big. He's an active one too!
Congratulations on another beautiful grandaughter too! Life is good!
Love from the Guzman's!