Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy day!

I had a nice conversation with my cute hubby earlier. He sounds great & has enjoyed some recent mail. He and Ethan talked for a few seconds.

You may have heard already, Anthony has surpassed the lead individual for the most missions. He said we should eat Pizza Hut tonight & pretend it's a candlelight dinner together. His was from a tiny shack, which has pound puppies painted on it. Interesting (: I like to hear even the random details so I can picture some of his surroundings. Their last few days have been long so he's pretty drained currently.

He's happy our new neighbors seem to be be friendly and sane. (yea!) We got to meet them the other night & took some pudding over.
He met a handful of LDS doctors a few days ago. He's thrilled to have others he can pass the sacrament with, rather than being on his own each week. Hopefully he'll get a chance to meet up with them on Sunday. We should get to talk on Saturday as well. Wahoo!!!
We love you, enjoy a safe, happy 4th of July


Lorna DeRoest said...

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!! I am so glad that Anthony was able to call. Under the circumstances Pizza Hut sounds quite romantic for a anniversary dinner. Hope you have a great day.
Congratulations Anthony on the missions. Stay safe.
Love, Momma D.

Naomi said...

Happy Anniversary you two! So glad that you got to chat and connect on a personal level.
Sooo glad that the new neighbors seem normal. Glad y'all are doing great. Love from Texas!