Thursday, July 16, 2009

A nice mix of family & friends

Some of these might be repeats from the email updates.

During the bbq, we were able to visit with Kari & Hillarie. I was able to meet Lilly & Wyatt (their latest additions). Ethan has loved going to different parks that are new to him. He's also liking the Jensen's backyard as you've seen. He never gets over watching airplanes either. We're close to the airport both here, and at home, not to mention the base.
He's been spoiled with both new toys, clothes & different bubble sets. Both Grandma's were nice enough to entertain and appease Ethan while we were out this morning. I didn't find exactly what I was after, but am very happy with a couple things I found. He was not impressed with Red Robin--and the balloon didn't serve it's purpose to make him happier either. He was able to take a couple of walks and loved his freedom. After going from carseat, to stroller to highchair you can imagine how lovely his mood became. He was happier once we left for home & even managed to pass out from the DeRoest's to about the halfway point. Oh, our cute little man.


Tony DeRoest said...

Marilyn-"Who left there baby here?"

DeRoest's in GA. said...

Thank you to both our families for a wonderful time. It was a lot of running but also some much needed assistance w/ Mr. Active-at-all-times. We love you, ttys