Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi from Georgia

Recently Anthony & I were able to visit Savannah for a get-away. The time to relax & focus on each other was wonderful.We enjoyed seeing the sights nearby & just being together without interruptions. We saw some tourist shops & read some of the history. There was a memorial for those who served in Vietnam as well as those of Irish decent. As you will see it's a gorgeous area. Thank you, thank you to Lorna for being willing to give us that time & for taking care of Ethan. He had a lot of fun with his Grandma. We were able to celebrate an early Valentine's, Mother's Day & our anniversary last week. He'll be missing a lot of family events while he's gone. We'll have to get the others next month..or in August.
Chelsea, Anthony & Ethan

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Randi said...

How fun for you two to get to be a couple again (I know being mommy and daddy is very rewarding, but I can imagine how precious these times would be.) It really looks beautiful there. I have always loved pictures from the south. Thanks for letting us see into your vacation! Love you guys.