Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy (early) Valentine's day

We hope you're doing well.
I want Anthony to know that we love & miss him. We are usually apart for V-day but I didn't send a package this year. I hope the pics will suffice. Since we had our early Valentine-Mother's day-Anniversary last month I guess we made up for it. All is well, constantly juggling our duties and daily events. We agree that this has been one of the more emotional times of all his traveling, up to this point. We have been apart many many times ranging from about 5 days up to two months. It certainly doesn't get easier with time. Though we definitely get used to it- because we have to. I thought it has hard to say good-bye when we dated. I guess we really never knew when we'd see each other again. That can add some extra emotional drama. I am grateful, proud & happy with Anthony & his accomplishments. We have our different roles to play in life & family and hope to do the best we can in each aspect.
Have a happy week.
Love, Chelsea


Lorna DeRoest said...

Chelsea, You are wonderful! I know Anthony will love and appreciate this post, but I do also. Thank you for being such a support, and help mate in these trying times. Our love and prayers are with you all always. Happy Valentines Day!
Love ya forever, Momma D.

Naomi said...

Happy Valentines Day everyone who reads this. Chelsea, thanks for loving my brother and for being so supportive and sweet. You and Ethan are in our prayers always as you hold down the fort. We hope your day is filled with love. Anthony keep up the good work and return home safe. Love from Texas!

nanadover said...

Chelsea, you are truly a warriors wife! We are grateful for your sacrifice, just as we are grateful and proud of our Anthony for being a warrior!
Love to you all!
Aunt Cathy