Saturday, January 31, 2009

My visit to Georgia

My week in Georgia is coming to a close, and it has been such a great time. When I was invited to come in November and booked my flight none of us knew that is would be Anthony's final week here with his family before going on his 5 week pre-deployment. He leaves tomorrow, and I feel bad that I took time away from Chelsea and Ethan. I really appreciate however having this quality time.
The first few days were spent with Chelsea showing me some of Valdosta, going on base to do the grocery shopping, and picking up lunch to take on base for a picnic with Anthony, since he had to work.
On Wednesday and Thursday Chelsea and Anthony went to Savannah Georgia to have time together, which left me to have grama time with Ethan. We had this opportunity to decorate the house, make Valentines, bake cookies, make a gumdrop tree, go for walks, play basketball, blow bubbles, watch Elmo, Ethan's favorite and hopefully creat fun memories. I know it has for me. Needless to say this almost two year old wasn't the only one who needed a nap mid day.
Anthony and I had time to go out on a tour of the base, for ice cream, and lunch another day.

It brings me great joy to know my children are happy & raising happy children. I just hope that each moment is treasured since time goes by so quickly,
and these precious little ones are grown up.

As you can see, boys truly will be boys.


Brent and Randi said...

That is one of the best posts we have ever seen on your blog. It is so great that you have had the chance to spend such quality time with Ethan, Anthony, and Chelsea. We loved watching the movies of you and Ethan, and the pictures are so cute. It is amazing how much he has grown since we saw him in October. Thanks for sharing all of the fun you have had with us. It looks like a trip none of you will easily forget.

nanadover said...

It looks like Gramma needs a few extra hands while baking cookies with a little one! Isn't it fun though!?
Love the little clips! Ethan is a cutie!