Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas is here again...

go ahead and say it you know you already thought it..."Stand up and cheer again!" Ok now on a serious note we had our annual Christmas Eve pajama party sent with love from Portland and here are the results...some good, some bad, and some awesome! We did get out earlier this evening to some friends house for a "Southern Tradition" Bon-fire for Santa Clause...either to signal him in, or to set him on fire I'm not really sure what the true purpose was, I wasn't really listening that attentively but it was fun none the less to come together eat some Jambalaya, roast mooshmellows, and be in good company. After our little venture we came home jammied up and took the photo op of the year. Please direct your attention to the crooked photo, this is Ethan's first picture of Mommy and Daddy. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas this year.
Love from Georgia Anthony, Chelsea, Ethan, and Jersey

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Lorna DeRoest said...

I am so glad you are together this Christmas. I can see in your happy faces that you feel the same way. Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Ethan did a great job of creating a fun picture. We first thought that the camera was set on a timer, and started to fall while taking the picture.

Merry Christmas, love your momma