Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve in Portland

This year ended up being spent at Mom DeRoest's home instead of the beach due to the snow. In fact John & Dale and Mary & Randy had all of there families together.

JoAnna was especially excited since she and Matt coordinated the reenactment of the Christmas story to bring it more focused on the holiday we were celebrating, so after a delicious dinner that mom prepared there was a gift exchange and program. Non professional, yes, but set a tone that was quite enjoyable.

Matt represented Caesar, as Sam played the guitar and Narrated the story. Bob and Natessa were Mary & Joseph. There two boys were the shepherds, JoAnna was the Angel that visited the shepherds, and the three Ferland boys, Randy, Ryan, and Ricky were the three wise men. It was really a fun focus to set the stage for Christmas.

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