Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Brent & Randi

Today Brent and Randi celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary and with those three years has come allot of adventure, romance, fun, and much growth. They moved from here to Rexburg Idaho for college, then once graduated they moved to Elk Washington to be closer to Randi's family. The hope was to both find teaching jobs, settle down in a home of there own, have a family, and live happily ever after. When the jobs didn't manifest they moved to Sierra Vista Arizona In July of 2008 where both were offered jobs teaching, which they love. I would have to say they know how to make the best out of everything. Come spring they will welcome a new addition to there family for more fun and adventure, which we are all excited about.
So for now and forever continue to enjoy the journey of life together even in the tough times. Both dad and I really love you, and are grateful for the great example you set for all.

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DeRoest's in GA. said...

Happy (late) anniversary!!! I have to say..I'm horrible about thinking waaay in advance about things and then the day comes & goes. I guess I really do have to write everything down. (: Hope you celebrate if you haven't yet.