Monday, December 22, 2008

Pre Christmas celebration" Winter wonderland"

Well who knows what will happen tomorrow. We have had snow for a couple of weeks now, however have not gone anywhere since last Friday night, so the snow has really piled up with no signs of stopping. In fact my car, though it did get cleared off on Saturday, is almost completely covered now.
I think we have now gotten about 18 " of snow depth, with drifts up to 36" in many areas.

Yesterday Peter, Jessica, Ezekiel, JoAnna, Tony, and I had our Christmas celebration with dinner, scripture reading, singing, and Christmas PJ's. The plan was to have Rodney and Lauren here also, however due to the snow they were unable to make it. We had a very nice day. Peter's sister Na, and her daughter came after dinner for a visit. She ended up driving down our driveway and getting stuck. Oh surprise! After getting her pushed out she visited for a little while longer, then headed home. It did give a form of entertainment for some.

Today my boss came to pick me up for work. I spent 3 hours rescheduling patients since the roads are all so bad, and confirming for tomorrow. If all works out we will have some patients come in, but a skeleton crew. Brad will pick me up first, then the hygienist for a 8 hour day. I'll be plenty busy. Needless to say however we probably will not be going to the beach tomorrow, so we loose out there. Its better to be safe, than sorry however.

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Naomi said...

Sorry to hear that your beach plans have to be canceled, not that you were gonna be going anywhere warmer or anything! I hope that your Christmas celebrations are still enjoyed in Portland. We love and miss you all. Be careful in that beautiful weather! :)
Love from Texas.