Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Let it Snow"

I had so many things I had planned to do over the weekend, however all plans changed when the weather changed, and we received snow. Peter, Jessica & Ezekiel made it into town before the real storm hit, which was good. Our church was even canceled on Sunday, so we relaxed at home, read lessons, played games (which also included playing blocks with Ezekiel) and closed the evening with hot cocoa and a movie. It was a tough day! lol
Sabbath days are supposed to be a day of rest - and that it was.
Monday was a little frozen over which put Tony on snow days at work. On the other hand, I went to work for a pretty full day, as has been the trend this week. The weather man keeps saying we are to get freezing rain, which hasn't happened here, but we have gotten beautiful falling snow. It has stuck, but is only slushy on the roads which makes it easy to drive in.
Hopefully I can get out after work today to finish up the few things I need to do prior to Christmas.

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