Monday, October 1, 2007

end of summer

I feel like we are officially done with the summer and onto Fall. There seems to be a chill that is hard to get rid of right to the bone. Last weekend Rodney, Tony and I went to Ocean Park Washington to get our 5th wheel and bring it home and ready it for the upcoming weather. It was really nice to be able to leave it at Lonnie and Sandi's for the summer, and felt bad that they weren't at the beach when we went to pick it up. It was there off weekend. I know I was disappointed, but so was Rodney, he has a hard time just sitting still, so ended up leaving for home on Saturday. At least we had his attention for 24 hours. Enough time to visit, play games, & go to the beach. I must say I felt the chill at that time, so had a hard time really wanting to stay that last night, but knowing it would be a while before having the time to go back, we took advantage of it. I know Belle really loves the beach excursions, not necessarily the water itself since its so salty, but she really just enjoys to time away. Its good for us all.

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Naomi said...

It looks like a fun place to get away! Glad that you got to have a little quality time with Rodney too! I think that Michael and I will have to make an excursion with y'all next year... Love from Austin.