Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Babies grow so fast

We don't like being so far from Ethan, but are so very grateful that we can get update photo's weekly. It is a big responsibility for Chelsea or Anthony, but one that I know we appreciate very much, as I am sure Chelsea's folks do as well. I am on the count down now to go to Albuquerque the 19th of December and enjoy the few days we have with all the loving we can get and give. We have other exciting things to look forward to also on that trip as well. My problem is as fast as time is speeding by, I need to get things organized for the holidays so I can truly enjoy them rather than be stressed out as Tony puts it.
We are also looking forward to seeing Ezekiel during the holidays. He is already 4 months and growing so fast. I finally got pictures from Peter and Jessica of him. It is nice that they have updated their blog so I can go on and see the pictures and video's. It has been good for JoAnna to be there with them. She is really enjoying Ezekiel.

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