Thursday, October 11, 2007

50 years and still going

I've had a very eventful past couple of days celebrating my big 50th birthday with the work crew. They surprised me with decorations, cheesecake and a crown for me to wear in the morning yesterday, then blindfolded me and took me to lunch at a new restaurant on 41st and Sandy that Mark Lindsey bought to put his memorabilia in. Needless to say with a name of "Rock and Roll Cafe" It has a 50's theme, including a Soda Fountain.
The amazing thing was the Dr. closed down the office for 3 hours to celebrate. That has never happened before.
Today since it was my actual birthday they decided I needed to wear my crown again for the day.
It has been allot of fun, and made me feel very special to have heard from so many, and felt such love. I know that I am very richly blessed to have such a wonderful family, and friends.

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