Monday, October 15, 2007

Blessings of Service

This past week Tony and I have truly enjoyed the blessings of service. There is never time to feel sorry for yourself or feel sad because the joy of helping someone in need brings such a joy and satisfaction. I understand more and more each day as I pray for guidance to recognize someone in need to help, why the Lord tell us to "Love and Serve others".
It was allot of fun having friends in our home, but even more fun knowing that everyone could pull off such a surprise for Joe and Jami Kelly in celebration of there 25th wedding anniversary. With there daughter Jennifer getting married on Saturday the 13th, that left little time to focus on there celebration on the 9th, so we had them over for dinner, and invited family and friends to come after for dessert. Everyone seemed to have allot of fun. Jaylin had such a great time with both Belle, and Brio. I think Belle would have lovingly gone home with him.
On Wednesday the 10th Joe and Jami found out there son Jaylin needed to have an emergency surgery on his hip Thursday. He had the surgery in August, however it had failed and he was in allot of pain. This meant that there time would really be torn for wedding preparations, and staying with Jaylin. Friday we got to help with flowers, food, and decorating, then Saturday Tony stayed at the hospital so the family could enjoy the sealing and pictures. The hardest part was knowing Jaylin couldn't be at the temple afterward for family pictures. I know that broke all the family's hearts.
The reception was a great success. It was a full house the entire night. Come Sunday both Tony and I relaxed at moms, and didn't hesitate to get to bed at a earlier time in preparation for this weeks events.
Peter stopped in for a couple nights, but he to didn't have any spare time to do much visiting. It was good to have the time we did however.

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