Sunday, October 28, 2007

Las Vegas and back

We had a very successful adventure it and from Las Vegas as a office staff, including Dr. King's wife Cynthia. Everyone got along so well, which made it very enjoyable. As far as taking it or leaving it, I'll leave it. I really don't have a desire to ever go back. To much busts and bottoms for me. The total lack of anything sacred. With me being the young womens president, of course I especially noticed all the young girls that had no moral standards at all, and felt that what they were doing with there lives were all ok. It really broke my heart. If only they knew who they really are, and what they could become.
Of course I am going to make the best of any situation by taking pictures. Its all about the pictures right? I can"t say they turned out very good however. My camera was acting up. I took pictures that made us appear as though we were in New York, Paris, Greece, Italy, and then those that were pretty settings of trees and waterfalls.
The Dr. really treated us all very well while we were there by taking care of all of our expenses. We went to one show on Friday night,"Cirque Du Soleil O" at the Bellagio hotel that was quite amazing to see the talent. The show itself had no plot, but was impressive. After the show we went to dinner at Emeril's. That turned out to be a very expensive dinner, that was not worth it at all. Some thought it was quite the experience just to be there. I guess I don't hold things quite as high. Live and learn I guess.
After spending three days away from home, Saturday night when we flew in was a welcome sight to be back in Oregon, but to be back home in my own bed without all the noises in the background from the Casino was the best.

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