Friday, March 16, 2012

Savannah's Princess Tea Party

For Savannah's 4th birthday she wanted to have a "Princess Party", and with me having the opportunity to be in town on her birthday I got to participate with the special event. The first step was to make sure the girls had Princess dresses for the occasion, so it was a time to enjoy being creative again.
Of course that meant making something and hoping that it would fit when I got there, but it was a chance I took.
I think the big high light was seeing all the pretty Princesses arrive to the house.
We played a couple games,
Princess on parade ( musical chairs), and the match game prior to the luncheon. They would show interest for a very short time, then would be on to something else to entertain. It has been along time since I dealt with 2- 4 year olds. They don't have a very long attention span. The moms stayed at the house during the party, and got a big kick at my attempts to keep them focused.
Finally it was time to eat. The menu was decided by Savannah, and seemed to be a hit.
Especially the baby dill pickles, olives, and mini brownies as they would call them. (oreo balls)
It seemed to be a great day for all, and a close of a week long birthday celebration.


DeRoest's in GA. said...

Looks like a fun party-I'm glad the little princesses had a good time. Nice job on the dresses!

Naomi said...

Mom you made the party magical! Thank you for all of your help and for putting together a wonderful party for Savannah. I'm so glad you were here for her big event. Love you!