Sunday, March 11, 2012

Uncle Rod & Aunt Lauren

When Isaiah was born Rodney was not comfortable with holding him because he was so small, so now that he is a couple weeks I guess it wasn't as intimidating.
Of course who could resist this great opportunity?
I could tell when Rodney & Lauren arrived that the girls really love it when they come by there reaction. Lexi especially kept saying Uncle Rodney this, or Uncle Rodney that. She has him wrapped around her little finger with those adorable eyes and cute smile. At one point Rodney was laying on the couch and would pretend that he was sleeping. Lexi would kiss his cheek to wake him, then start giggling. Lauren would get her hug time as well with both girls.
Last time they came to Austin, Savannah asked Aunt Lauren to make her a special cake for her birthday, so she and Rodney made this doll cake for us all to enjoy on Sunday before they headed back to San Antonio.
That thrilled both the girls, and we all enjoyed the treat.

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Naomi said...

Yep we all enjoy when Auntie Lauren and Uncle Rodney come to visit! I love that they live only an hour or so away.