Thursday, March 1, 2012

Home at last

It's always so exciting to get home with a new little one. Everyone wants to love or hold the baby.
There is a buzz in the home when the new one arrives. Then comes the night when the new noises happen, so it's a challenge for some to sleep. Since Naomi had to have a C-section this time it was even more of a challenge for her comfort. She was limited in what she could do for herself, yet alone this new little man. Thank goodness for Michael being home for the week. He did everything from cooking, cleaning, lifting, and having to help Naomi up from the bed, or chair, where ever she ended up to find most comfortable. It was soon realized that she might have needed to stay even one more night at the hospital to make things easier, but they managed, and will remember for next time.
One thing about it, Isaiah is never in need of any loving. There is plenty of that going around.
Thank you Michael for all you do to help, love and strengthen your home and family. We love and appreciate you so very much, and I know Naomi does as well.

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