Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hooray! A pleasant visit and no cavities

Tuesday was Ethan's exam & cleaning. Knowing 'the worst' could happen (ie screaming, crying and fighting everyone) we talked this up for a while. One of our friends raved about it the day before as well. He was leery about having his teeth polished but I can't say I blame him. He asked about & got a hold of anything he could. He also saw how our hygienist moved the chair & thought it was his personal amusement park. Thankfully she was tolerable of all his activity & constant curiosity. He watched the background screensavers as well as a couple 'shows' with puppies explaining what goes on at a dental visit. He was happy they had a treasure box--I know I always looked forward to that as a kid. This was one of many, many appointments in the last month..and lots of drama and repairs. I'm glad this was a good visit for all. He did great considering he's getting over an ear infection and other sickies. You wouldn't know it by his smile. Daddy was able to be home early with Parker which was nice as well.


Lorna DeRoest said...

Yea, good job Ethan. Gramma & Grampa D.are so proud of you.

nanadover said...

Those little teeth of yours are happy now Ethan! Good job!

Randi said...

I love the pictures you got. Good job brushing E! Your teeth are so sparkly!