Monday, February 14, 2011

A time for those you love.

This past weekend Tony and I enjoyed attending a church dance on Friday night. The first couple hours were for families of all ages, then the last were for 14 years and above. I can safely say we are above that age, so we stayed a while longer. I personally enjoyed the first couple of hours most, because of watching all the little ones enjoy the music so much, and dancing like there was no tomorrow. Even those with babies would dance together with babes in arms. It wasn't the best turn out overall, yet those that attended had a great time.
The Valentines theme continued Saturday night when we were invited out to Cathy and Micheal's for a special formal dinner that they prepare, and serve to there children & spouses each year.This year however two of the family members were unable to attend, so they invited Tony and I. What a wonderful treat that was.

Both Cameo, and Sara brought their little ones, then enjoyed watching a movie, while the couples continued onto there Stake dance.

We have attended out there for years with both Cathy & Michael, and Sandi & Eric when they were here in town.
Needless to say many recognize us over the years, which make it fun to catch up with acquaintances of the past. Visiting wasn't all we enjoyed however. Even with a few aches and pains we had a wonderful time dancing the night away.
So for the many that we are not able to be close with, we wish you a Happy Valentines Day.
A day set aside to recognize the many we Love.


JoAnna and Zack said...

we went to a valentines dance too but didn't have as much fun. The music wasn't such that we could dance to very well. Glad you had fun though.

nanadover said...

We're glad you could join us!

Naomi said...

So glad that you two had a great Valentine's weekend and had lots of great activities to do together. Hugs from your sweethearts in Texas!