Thursday, March 3, 2011

Orlando Highlights

Last week Tony and I were invited to fly to Orlando Fl. with his brothers, wives and sister Mary. Everyone was excited to meet up with Joe & Kim and their daughter Kristin & hubby Eric who all flew in from California.
Each year Joe attends a hardware convention there and with the Grand opening of his new store coming up, it was a time to order supplies as well as get the word out about the store.

Some of the other highlights for the guys were to play golf each day. One day they managed to play two rounds at two different courses. Each course was very unique and challenging, with all the water hazards they lost allot of golf balls. The alligators made them leary of trying to fish the balls out. They were golfing nearby when the last Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off.
What an exciting event that was especially for Tony and Thom.

My highlights were to have Anthony come stay with us for a couple of days. All the Aunts, and Uncles seem to enjoy his company as well. It's been along time since he has seen Joe and Kim.
I even got to ride on his Harley with him for a spin. It was allot of fun.

Friday the girls went to Universal Studios for the day. It was full day of rides,

walking and much visiting, with an occational refreshing mist..

That night was the first time we were all joined together to attend a Mystery Dinner Theater.
The dinner was delicious, the show was comical, and the company was allot of fun.

Saturday was a day of relaxation. After sleeping in a little Anthony and I went down for breakfast and met with Joe for a nice visit before the rest of the group came to join us, minus Tony, Thom, and John who were once again golfing.
Anthony headed out after breakfast to go back to his family in Georgia, and the rest of us relaxed by the pool, or took a nap before we all joined Joe at the convention center for a few hours.
The evening everyone met for dinner at the hotel, celebrated John's Birthday, then went to various areas to relax. Tony wasn't interested in participating in any, however he did go around and took pictures of Kim and I in the hot tub. Others playing Poker by the pool outside, substituting sugar packets for poker chips . Mary and Dale were in the exercising room. No photos were taken, though I would have loved to see Dale on the treadmill walking with her cain, lol, and Mary rode the stationary bike.

Sunday was the time to bid farewell. Though we did all fly together as far as Phoenix Arizona, we all sat apart on the plane.
I think everyone was pretty tired out.
Thanks again Joe and Kim for the invite and time spent together, it was wonderful.


nanadover said...

How exciting that Anthony got to spend time with you!
OK Anthony...I want a ride! Just pack that hog on a plane and bring it to Oregon!

Naomi said...

Super fun Mom & Dad! Glad y'all had a great time and even got to see Anthony. Thanks Uncle Joe and Auntie Kim for spoiling my folks with some fun family time.

JoAnna and Zack said...

why does Dale have a cane?
That looked like a lot of fun I wish we could have gone too.