Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family time in Georgia

This last week we were blessed to have family here to celebrate some great events. The main reason was for Parker's blessing. All the Grandmas & Grandpas wanted to have an early birthday party for Ethan. Since we haven't been able to see family around that time (other than when he joined our family) we loved the idea. I have a few pics where we are each super involved in finding a Nephite books. Ethan is great at spotting him too but was not nearly as obsessed as the adults. Ethan had a great time with 'fishing,' sleep-overs, fun with cousin Lexi & Uncle Michael, his party, extra outings, movies & exploring with the grandparents. Lexi was a great surprise (I believe Anthony was the only one in the loop about it). I didn't see her until we were all thisclose and greeting her dad. She was well concealed by all of Ethan's overnight stuff I guess. She was missing mom but seemed to be a champ about everything & had a great time with Ethan. Not to mention it's fun to have an adorable niece (there are a few actually!) in lace & bows. So cute! We were able to visit most of each day, plus our typical things & fun again in the evening and night. The dads golfed on Monday morning & the 3 of us went with the moms to breakfast. Though a ton went into prepping for things, plus parents with drama (both in Portland prior to leaving and traveling as well as being away from Grandma and Grandpa Allen), I think all had a wonderful time with many great memories. We are grateful for each of you & enjoyed having you here. Thank you for your sacrifices and overcoming road-blocks to be here. I'm especially grateful to those who kept us in prayers that Anthony wouldn't be called away.


JoAnna and Zack said...

Very cute pictures. That looks like it was a lot of fun. one day we will make our way out that direction.
I hope. JoAnna

Naomi said...

So glad that y'all could bond and have a great visit with lots of memorable events. How fun that you could celebrate Ethan's birthday with the grandparents too. So sweet. Love the pics and love y'all too.