Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun at the Children's Museum

Friday the 15th was a busy day at the Children's Museum with Brenna, Randi, JoAnna and I. It was such a beautiful sunny day and very fun to watch Brenna as she roamed through the museum at the various rooms and stations.
She seemed to enjoy the "Water Works",

and "Clay Studio" the most, but it didn't stop her from venturing to all the other areas to experience the joy of climbing, jumping, building, touching, sliding, & driving.

"Vroom Room" had a bus, and ambulance with buttons, and flashing lights.

"All Aboard" It was fun for Brenna to look out the telescope at the bottom of the ship, and see us on the outside.
Or view through the port holes.

"Baby's Garden" had an area to slide, water stream to touch, a fish tank to look at, a water bed to jump, even though the sign said to sit or lie down, the children found it much more fun to jump.

"Building Bridgetown" had a tree house to climb up to, with gears to play with.
"Grasshopper Grocery & Butterfly Bistro" the children could go around and do there own shopping. Brenna decided to try out some of the produce, however it wasn't the same as at Papa Toner's house.As much as Brenna loves dogs, I don't think "The Pet Hospital" was real enough for her to get much from it. She likes more action from those cute furry animals.

"The Wonder Corner"

By the time we got to the "Tinkertoy" room Brenna was pretty tired, so went through that room very quick. She didn't have any desire to even play with the tinkertoys. She managed to make it out to the car, but once it started she fell fast asleep for a very peaceful ride home.


nanadover said...

Looks like a fun day! We haven't ventured there with our little ones yet.

DeRoest's in GA. said...

Lots to see and do. I really appreciate kid-friendly places. I'm glad you were all able to enjoy some time together.
Love & hugs

Naomi said...

Super fun. I appreciate kid-friendly place too and look forward to bringing my girls on such an adventure. Brenna is such a cutie. I'm glad that you got to spend time with her and Randi.