Monday, February 1, 2010


I had a great time in Arizona trying once again to reacquaint myself with Brennalyn. That is the bad part of living so far away. When we got there she would look at me and wasn't quite sure who I was, but then she would warm up and react with smiles or laughter.

It's very interesting and fun when we have children to see such a resemblance at different stages of life, but now when I see Brenna, the next generation, I can see similar features in her to the baby pictures I have of myself.

When we returned home from Arizona and downloaded the pictures that I took, it made me go to my photo album from childhood to confirm my memory.

It may be the rounded face, or fair complexion that I have in common with both her momma and daddy, but I have enjoyed reflecting on what it means to be a family and how each of us are made in the image of, or have characteristics of our ancestors, whether we know them or not.

This I believe is part of the joy of life, that Our Heavenly Father lets us experience here on this earth.


Naomi said...

Yep those Allen genes are strong!! Super cute to see. Thanks for posting Mom.

JoAnna and Zack said...

ever sense I first looked at this post I have noticed more and more the similarities of your baby pictures to hers. Very cute. thanks for posting mom.

Teira Nicholes said...

The last two sets of photos are uncanny.