Thursday, February 25, 2010

Together again at CascadeTerrace

Last night after some logistics were taken care of we surprised Pops by getting Mother moved into Cascade Terrace down the hall from him. I went right after work to get arrangements ready, then Tony drove her in time to join Pops in the dining room. We left them together while I marked and unpacked Mother's things so she would feel settled when she got done with dinner. I guess all went well considering all Pops wanted to do was lean over and kiss her. She said at home they might kiss once or twice a day, but now he wanted to make out in front of others in the dining room. Ok, whatever. I know he missed her, and just wasn't going to be happy until he could be back with her. I'm not sure how long this arrangement will work, or if they will end up moving them together at some point, but I did assure the people in charge that it might be nice for them to have other roommates, then they could be more apt to socialize with others, or have meeting time together each day. For now, I am just grateful for getting over this hurtle. We'll deal with the next later. It is so convenient being close by so people from the church can stop in to see them.
This past year Tony and I have enjoyed the close relationship with Lonnie and Sandy. Something that has been long overdue I'm afraid. Life always seemed to busy, and Lonnie really doesn't like gatherings, so needless to say we never saw them, however he invited us to bring the 5th wheel to their place at the beach to get away to, and we decided to take him up on it. It became a once a month escape. I don't think that we were mentally aware of the importance of building this timely relationship, however the way things have ended up, they have really been a big help and support. I'm afraid however that they have the hardest job of trying to make heads or tails of the financial end of things. If anyone could do it however, it would be them.


DeRoest's in GA. said...

I'm sure it's been interesting trying to get everything packed,moved & arranged. I love the part about him being oblivious to the dining room crowd. (: Hopefully they'll make the best of it & make plenty of friends as well. love & hugs

JoAnna and Zack said...

I am so happy they are together again. you really can tell how much Grandpa really missed her and loves her. that is so cute.
keep us posted on any other updates. good luck with everything. I love you.