Friday, January 22, 2010

Auntie JoJo

JoAnna has been in Arizona now for 6 months caring for Brennalyn while Randi is at work and as you can see enjoys the time they spend together.
with kisses, laughter, tickle time, and lots of playtime.
I enjoyed watching the interaction they shared with one another. You can really tell how much Brenna loves her auntie Jo.

In all the excitement with JoAnna preparing for her upcoming wedding, I think that having Brenna to care for will help her to enjoy the journey even more.
But then comes the time of separation in April that I know will be very difficult for her to be so far away. The sad part is Brenna is so young she won't remember the special times they have shared with one another, and will need to rely on pictures to bring back memories.


Randi said...

Brenna will always have a special place in her heart for JoAnna. Time wont change that. We have enjoyed having her here and don't want her to go!

Naomi said...

Sweet moments are always remembered!