Saturday, August 8, 2009

The heat is on here in Austin !

I'm not sure why all of my kids live in hot spots, though Portland has been experiencing the heat also, probably to prepare me for my two week stay here in Austin Texas. Austin just passed the record of having 50 consecutive days of over 100'. Yeeks ! Thank goodness for air conditioning.

I have enjoyed one week now here with two beautiful grand babies. It's amazing how much Savannah and Alexandra look the same at this age, but yet look different due to the hair.

Savannah seems to love having Grama around, but is not too fond if I hold Lexi. She will start her fake cry and make sure all can hear it.

She does however love to hold her sister, kiss her, and of course squeeze her. That one we especially keep an eye on.

Oh I remember the days of having two little ones and how much effort it took to prepare to go anywhere. What a job to gather all the necessities, change diapers, feed babies and pray you have everything. Then comes the juggling act with not enough hands.

Naomi and Michael seem to have everything under control as they work together with the two beautiful blessings. It's been very fun to see the interaction they both have with the girls.

I on the other hand have enjoyed helping out as much as possible with chores, meals, reading stories, playing with toys, feeding, bathing, cuddling and changing diapers. A lot of the changing goes on at this stage.

I've truly loved my visit here so far, and am not looking forward to leaving and being so far once again.


DeRoest's in GA. said...

I'm glad you're able to be there & enjoy time with everyone. Thanks for sharing the fun pics & update. Yes, a/c is a huuuge blessing. I hope the heat calms down for each of us! Please give hugs from us.

Tony DeRoest said...

Thankyou for sharing this special time. I'm looking forward to when I can come for Lexi's blessing. Love you, Tony