Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting closer! Hallelujah (:

We were happy to talk to Anthony (though very briefly) on Sunday. He was able to call on Monday & Thursday. He is dealing with a lot, as you can imagine. Still he remains positive & handles things incredibly well. Please keep him in your prayers for strength physically, spiritually, mentally & emotionally. I'm sure you already do..but I want to be sure all areas are covered. (:

It's a blessing to have our calls & any other way to communicate. We've been able to keep each other positive & motivated. What a long, long 5 months but the time is almost here that we'll have him home with us. So much excitement, happiness & relief as well! We've been planning for our outings as a fam as well as for the two of us. We have an idea of when he should be home. Keep in mind we're not holding our breath on any dates. The sooner the better, we're greatly anticipating being together as a family at last.

Enjoy a safe & happy week. Here are a few older pics from our engagment, honeymoon & a younger Ethan (about 7mo. here) playing in daddy's boots.
We appreciate your support & love.


Brent said...

This is a little off the subject, but I love Anthony's tie in that picture.

Randi said...

Chelsea, I am so excited for you to have your husband back soon. I wish I were closer by to take E for a bit so you and Anthony could have some time together. We love you guys.

Lorna DeRoest said...

Yea, we are excited for all of you, and are counting the days as well. So much to be grateful for in our lives. Hope you can enjoy every minute in Atlanta, Savannah, or wherever you choose to get away.
Happy Days lie ahead!
Love ya, momma D.

Naomi said...

Glad to hear you'll all be together again soon. You are all in our prayers as we count down the days to your reunion. Love from Texas!