Monday, August 17, 2009

Bath time fun

Lexi got to enjoy her first submersion bath and seemed to love soaking in the warm water or kicking against the little tub wall.
We never did try out the jacuzzi part of her little tub to see how she would react to the bubbles.

Part of Savannah's daily routine after breakfast was bath time or splash time as she also knows it. It was a fun time for me to watch her enthusiasm and imagination as she plays with her toys.

She never complains about the water in her face or eyes as her hair is being washed. In fact she seems to enjoy pouring water directly over her own head.
Tootsie enjoys watching her with all the fun and I guess has been known to jump in on the fun.

1 comment:

nanadover said...

What cute little punkins!
I just want to kiss those little cheeks!