Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ethan Guzman's Wedding

What an incredible day it was today at the coast. I was able to attend the wedding of
Ethan Guzman & Rachael- whom I met last year in Texas while we were all visiting Naomi and Michael. What a cutie, and wonderful couple they make.

It was so nice to have such wonderful neighbors and friends with the Guzman family. Our children all grew up together, and though Aaron and Ethan were older than our children, they both always looked after our children. They were Naomi's older brothers, that sometimes acted annoyed when she was around. However it wasn't uncommon to have the boys out jumping on the trampoline playing crack the egg, and watching the younger ones fly through the air. How did they all ever survive? Another fond memory was catching they boys in the playhouse having a tea party with JoAnna. I don't think either of the older boys could disappoint her by saying no thanks. Four wonderful children setting great examples for my five children to follow. They will forever be part of our family.
I am sure many put in for perfect weather for today, and many prayers were heard with a perfect 75' day. I just loved watching all interact with one another, and seeing many of those that I remember so small, all grown up with little ones of there own. Suzy and Natasha were the first to catch my eye. Such beautiful women now, with two children each the age that I remember them. It is always so much fun to reconnect with friends after so many years only to be able to pick up where we left off so comfortably. One thing that kept me busy was bringing around an address book to everyone as a guest book to have them sign. With the wedding outside, and quite casual, there wasn't a real easy way to keep track of the people in attendance, so hopefully I got at least most, and they can fill in the rest. It did give me the chance to meet and mingle since I was by myself. Tony is in Rexburg this weekend with JoAnna, Rodney & Lauren, so I was the only one to attend the wedding and represent the DeRoest bunch. I decided to drive to Ocean Park yesterday to stay over night. The 89' day had something to do with my decision, but also the fact that the wedding was only 25 minutes backtracking on the Washington Coast, which I checked out the location yesterday while driving through. As I got closer to Ocean Park it became overcast, and cooled down to 59'. It was a good excuse to get a bowl of clam chowder to take to the 5th wheel and relax. I had plenty things to catch up on. I can't say that I got to bed real early, but once I did it was great.

All in all I had a wonderful time with great friends, great food, a nice toast of tribute to a younger brother, fun music,

and watching all the kids gather around the wedding cake pinata that Aaron was manning, for the surprise that would come pouring out with the right swing.

I tried to get a family picture, but soon realized that it was not easy to gather all together, so individual will need to do. Hopefully we will see the professional ones soon.

It was hard to call it a day, but the drive home still was ahead.


Brent said...

I'm bummed that we missed it. It would have been nice to catch up with old friends. It was nice to at least see pictures though. Thanks Mom~

Naomi said...

I ditto Brent's sentiments... I wish that we could've gone as well. I'm glad that at least you were able to go and represent the DeRoest family. Thanks for sharing the fun pics and details. Love ya.

linda said...

thank you so much for coming Lorna, and for understanding how unorganized we are! Thank you for all the kind words as well. Ethan truly thinks of you as his 'other mother.'

Thanks again, and we love all of you!!!


JoAnna and Zack said...

Oh, I am sad I missed it. I am sure it was a lot of fun to see everyone again.
mom I cant find my camera cord anywhere. I am going to keep looking so that i can get those pictures to you.

benilhalk said...

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