Thursday, May 7, 2009

Galloway's visit to Portland

Wednesday afternoon I received a pleasant surprise when Mike, Malyn, and Brylee Galloway knocked at the door. We haven't seen them for two years when they were married, and since they have added a third to make the family more complete. Brylee is three months old now, and such a cutie. As you can see she is filled with smiles and cues. They came to Portland for vacation last Sunday driving as far as Boise Idaho, then flying from there. It was nice to have a couple hours to visit with them and catch up on these past couple years, as well as find out a little of the plans for the future which might bring them back this direction. In the mean time Mike works at AT & T selling phones in Idaho Falls which is where they plan to move in a month or so. Less time for commuting.
Tonight both Mike and Malyn came here again, this time to have dinner with us, and to celebrate Malyn's 21st birthday which is actually on Sunday. It was a double celebration with Mothers Day as well for her. They are flying back on Saturday morning so time is short. Baby doll enjoyed staying with grama and grampa Galloway. I'm sure they are truly loving the time they can have away with her. Its not easy living so far away.
I am so greatful to see all of them so happy, and enjoying this new part of their lives. A wonderful Happy family.

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Naomi said...

So glad that the cute family stopped by so you could fill us in! Their little one is adorable and all seems well. Thanks for the update. Love from Texas.