Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh the emotions...

Happy Sunday..I think (: I hope you're all doing well, I love seeing the new updates & enjoy the pics as well.

I finally had contact with my sweet hubby. He normally can email during the week but wasn't able to even check it this time around. He is fine & well but missing us, home & attending church. He wanted to let you all know that he appreciates your prayers, support, love & mail. On a not so wonderful note, he's been extended a month. I was a bit stunned when he told me. I had a bit of a meltdown after our call..just a short one. (We happened to be with a good friend, Carrie. Her hubby is also currently deployed so we made dinner and ate with her). He also wanted to pass on that his address will be changing in the near future. Any mail sent in the next week should be fine. After that wait to get a new address from him or myself. I think it was a hard week all around- both there and here. He still sounds like he's making the best of it. He's hoping to have more contact with members there in the future. He's also doing well at secluding himself from the 'uplifting' military lifestyle. I hope this isn't sounding down. He is fine & well, we miss him like crazy though. We'll get to see Tina tomorrow evening, another good friend. She's been very supportive since our drama across the street. So many angels around us, so many blessings. Thank you thank you for your kindness, generosity & prayers. We can feel them and greatly appreciate them.


Tony DeRoest said...

Thanks so much for info. Our prayers are with you both. Bummer to heat the bad news, but kinda anticipated this kind of behavior from the military. More prayers to send. All our love, Dad D.

Lorna DeRoest said...

Chelsea, I am so sorry to hear of the changes, though it really doesn't surprise me much. I know how hard it must be for you right now, I only wish I were closer to be able to help out now and then. In fact why don't you come back home to Portland for Brennalyn's blessing, then travel back with your mom to Georgia. That way many can enjoy you both for a time. Just a suggestion, and a great one I think.
In the mean time you are all in our daily prayers for extra support. I'm grateful you have had many angels helping you thus far.
Love you forever, Momma D.

Randi said...

Chelsea I can't believe he is writing his numbers! He is a teachers dream! I am glad you and Anthony had a chance to talk. You never know what to expect with the military. We have learned that from living here and we are not even in the Army. I am glad you have been able to be so strong for Ethan. He really needs your strength. We would love to see you at Brenna's blessing if you would like to and are able. We love you.

Naomi said...

So sorry to hear about the extension! I like that you called it the "uplifting military lifestyle" lol. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.