Saturday, March 28, 2009

phone call!

Hello again,
I didn't think I'd have an update this soon, neither did Anthony. It's been chaotic with his traveling & being so off schedule in a new time zone. Their move to a new area was going to happen a couple of days earlier & was later delayed. (Always the case eh? hurry up & wait) He compares his current area to all of Portland being put on a base. Sounds a bit claustrophobic to me..but it's the most comfortable (real beds, solid structure, hot meals etc).

As for things here..I've been watching our weather half the day. It's been a bit scary with tornado watches & flash flood warnings. If I didn't see the weather channel I'd think it was our typical nasty southern storm. At times I think ignorance might really be bliss (: but ultimately..I'd rather be prepared! No surprises. Between that, no water pressure & a fun time with my back the planned projects didn't happen today. We were productive & got out earlier.. & have tried to not feel any cabin fever this evening.
Have a happy day

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Tony DeRoest said...

Thanks again. Sounds like he is in a secure area. You be safe where you are at too. Love you guys. Papa D.