Thursday, March 26, 2009

Changes in life

No, I am not talking about the changes I am going through due to my age. I am referring to changes that have occurred with my children, and how it helps us to grow in areas that we sometimes didn't know we could, or even wanted to for that matter.

JoAnna has been soul searching as she put it while away at college in Idaho, trying to get some insight on her future. She is planning to spend the Fall in Arizona helping Brent & Randi with Brennalyn which she is looking forward to.

Rodney & Lauren are also at BYU Idaho for school, but Rodney is trying to get switched to a closer unit of the Marines so he doesn't have to come back and forth here to Portland each month, not only for the expense, but the time since he has to miss classes. He has been getting very frustrated with the system because it isn't working at the speed he wants it to.

Brent & Randi in Arizona were really surprised that Brennalyn made her appearance three weeks early on the 22nd, so they had to scurry to get lesson plans set up for a substitute teacher, or in Randi's case plan things for the rest of the year with a sub. They are however loving this sweet little angel in their home, which now makes them truly a family.

Anthony, Chelsea & Ethan are dealing with the change of having Anthony's deployment moved up a week, so he left for Afghanistan last Monday the 23rd. Which leaves Chelsea & Ethan to hold down the fort at home in Georgia until sometime in August.
He has spent these past three years preparing for this, but I don't think it is ever easy to deal with a separation from the family. Extra prayers on their behalf would be appreciated.

Naomi, Michael & Savannah are enjoying the Texas sun with a one year old cutie, preparing for an adventure to London, and Awaiting another little girl in July. Michael's recent change is that he is working mainly from home, and as of the end of February Naomi has retired from her job, to a full time job of being a wife and mommy. This job is demanding, but also very rewarding & the purpose we are here on this earth. All of which brings much JOY and satisfaction.

Tony & I are still here in Portland doing our best to be patient in between visits to see our kids. We have been enjoying our time together as well. My most recent change was with my calling at church. I am now dealing with the Relief Society sisters again as 2nd counselor, which was quite a relief to me not to be called as president again.

I guess as I get older I not only appreciate things more, but I am not as quick to accept change, so I have more melt down times. I know that I am abundantly blessed, but having my children all so far away and apart makes it very difficult at times to be able to help build, support, and hug when changes come. I am sure they don't need it nearly as much as I do. In the mean time my sweet hubby of almost 34 years puts up with me. That in itself is a blessing.

I don't want to forget what a blessing my co-workers are to me. We are all in the same age bracket, so many of the changes we are going through are similar. They have been a great support to me at work, especially this week to laugh with, or cry with. Over the years we have worked together through accidents, surgeries, death, and many adventures. It is very nice to know that we have family outside of family for extra love and support. Thank you to all !!

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