Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby baptism

Within our family we represent many different faiths or beliefs, which makes us diversified at times but united in having a love for our Savior and for family.

Sunday Tony and I were able to attend the baptism of Paxton Michael DeRoest, which is the 3rd son of our nephew Bobby & Natessa DeRoest. It was so cute to see their sweet little family gathered together, and have many family members together on both sides of their family show support.

Tony & I were impressed with the warm welcome of the church members.
After the service the family gathered for a luncheon held there at the church activity room, which allowed all to visit and enjoy watching the little ones.

I am very proud of the love and unity that Bobby and Natessa share with one another, as well as with the 3 boys, who represent such love.

Before they left for home the boys got to go over at Great Grandma's to experience a bit of a farm where she has a baby bull that comes now and then due to the mother cow was unable to nurse, so Mike and Kathy feed it with a bottle, but they also need to work. Hopefully for them they won't need to do this much longer. It has been quite fun for mom however I think. Such a novelty that most don't experience, and I think it has brought back some memories of the farm in Baker, Oregon.

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