Thursday, May 8, 2008

Savannah's blessing day !

Tony and I had the opportunity to go to Austin this past weekend to share in the experience of Savannah's blessing. It was such a beautiful day, not only the weather, but the wonderful spirit that was felt. Savannah was amazing all day long. It was as if she to felt great joy, and certainly didn't want to miss anything, so stayed bright eyed all day with little cat naps now and then. The most emotional moment I experienced was seeing Savannah dressed in the same blessing gown that Naomi wore almost 30 years ago. Where did the time go? I couldn't help but look at Savannah and reflect back to that same day that Tony and I had long awaited for. Though Savannah looks allot like Michael, I see much of Naomi as well. A beautiful combination.
Later in the day some of Michael's work mates, neighbors, and Ethan Guzman, a friend of the past came to visit in route from Florida, with plans to fly out of San Antonio. We all enjoyed a BBQ dinner, visiting and some enjoyed playing on a special game of Michael's that entailed watching the TV screen, and playing a special guitar. It was very entertaining to watch those participating. I'm so grateful for the great friendships they share. I can see why Texas is so comfortable for all of them. We do miss being closer to enjoy getting together more often.

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