Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy 52nd Birthday Tony & Thom

In the 19 years that Tony and I have lived here in Portland I think that he and his brother Thom have spent there birthday together once, so this weekend was really long overdue. It took health issues to bring them together, but the saddest part was due to the health problems that Thom has been experiencing he didn't feel up to doing what they both love to do, meaning golf. They did hit a bucket of balls in Thom's yard, but I am sure that wasn't the same as enjoying the beauty of the course as you walk from one hole to another.
The weather was very hot for the weekend, but that didn't stop the girls from going to a neighborhood garage sale in Monroe. Even if I hadn't found anything to purchase, it was fun to be together, then go to lunch afterward.
The evening was spent having a birthday dinner, visiting, and listening to Tony and Thom serenade us, the old barber shop way.
Because of Thom's health problems mom spent this past week in Snohomish, which she really enjoyed, then we were able to bring her back home yesterday with us as planned. I think all in all it was a great treat for her as well to spend this birthday with her boys.
Life is just way to short to put off taking the time to visit with those you love, or express to others how much they mean to you through thoughts, words, and actions.
We love you Thom , Nancy, and family. Thank you for hosting a great weekend!

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nanadover said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Tony and Thom! It looks like it was a good one!