Friday, April 11, 2008

Pops 86th Birthday

It is sometimes hard to express appreciation enough for a man that has been so dedicated to his family. He truly has been a steady anchor to each of us by working to support 7 children. Even in his retirement he worked hard in his shop with wood-working or upholstery, as well as much time spent working in the yard. Always beautifying as he went. After a few strokes these past few years I've seen him unable to walk, talk, or think clearly, however he doesn't give up. He works hard to regain whatever he
can and do as much as he can for himself and care for mother. This year for Pops' birthday we had a family dinner here at the house and he kept us all in stitches with his great humor of the past. He was so sharp and witty.
I know we won't always have these days but we all really do enjoy the times we have together. His body may be run down but his mind is still good natured and his spirit is lively as ever.

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Naomi said...

Happy birthday Grandpa. We love you.