Sunday, April 27, 2008

Celebration of Brent's graduation!

Tony and I had a rushed, but very enjoyable long weekend with Brent and Randi at the resort in Coeur d'alene, Idaho to celebrate Brent's graduation from BYU Idaho. Last year Randi graduated, so both are relieved that this step is completed and plan to take a break before starting toward his Master's program. Now the fun begins of finding full-time teaching positions for both of them. They have left all options open, so who knows where they will end up... We are just so excited for them and want them to enjoy some time together. These two years of their married life have been dedicated to work and school and we are just so proud of them for accomplishing their goals and focusing on the things that are important. Even in their busy schedules they have taken the time to enjoy going out on dates, even if the date is having juice and hot bread at the bakery first thing in the morning before the hectic day began.
This weekend went by very fast but the weather was beautiful which allowed Tony and Brent to play 18 holes of golf, while Randi and I went into town shopping. Then we all had fun going to a birthday party for Randi's uncle and her cousins' daughter. The remainder of the weekend was spent walking the boardwalk, playing games, watching a movie, and enjoying one another's company. This was truly a weekend of quality time rather than quantity.

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Naomi said...

Great work Brent. We are so proud of you and Randi accomplishing your goals thus far! Keep up the great work.
Mom & Dad we wish that you lived closer so that we could have fun weekend excursions with you too... Maybe one day! :) We're glad that y'all had a great visit and a safe journey. See you soon.
Love from Texas.