Sunday, April 20, 2008

Elisha Wedding

The time finally came for my sister Sandi to enjoy the payback. Sandi and Eric have catered hundreds of weddings over the years and yesterday they got a wonderful opportunity while being in the temple to witness the marriage of their eldest daughter Elisha. I don't know if they really felt the whole effect yet, due to their part in catering this grand event. Yet I know that as Sandi's sister and Elisha's aunt, I was especially emotional.
As was expected the reception was amazing, with a full course meal of prime rib or chicken noel and an amazing display of desserts at a dessert buffet (rather than the traditional wedding cake). Cathy's grand daughter Celeste was in awe of the wedding cake. By the look on her face I figure that she was planning for her future wedding someday.
All was very beautiful until the clean up, that was long and hard on everyone. No one was moving very fast after that was done, in fact we still aren't.
This has been an extremely busy week having a houseful of family, but one that I am glad I didn't miss. I'm especially grateful that I didn't have to get in a car this morning for a 12 hour journey back home, only to start another busy week as they all did.
The other part of this weekend that I especially enjoyed was having the time laughing and working with my sisters. As life goes on, everyone gets so busy, and we are separated between states, less and less time together is spent. Now is the time to treasure these times!
Update: I just found out that one of the cars had problems, so the journey is still on. I hope they find all well, in the end.
Until we meet again.

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Naomi said...

Elisha made a beautiful bride! It looks like quite the event, we are sorry that we missed it. Savannah will have to meet her extended family when she is a little older... :) Great work Mom and aunties. You all are the best.
Love from Texas!