Sunday, April 20, 2008

Austin in April

Yesterday JoAnna got back from her one week trip to Austin visiting Naomi, Michael, and of course Savannah. It was a wonderful time for her to bond with all. One of the biggest pleasures she enjoyed was talking to Savannah, and having her respond back. She also had fun helping move the nursery around to prepare Savannah to enter her own bedroom next week.
Now that JoAnna is back in Rexburg she is preparing to start her classes tomorrow, and a little stressed in getting everything ready for this next summer semester. As wonderful as it is to go away, sometimes it takes awhile to get motivated once again.
Naomi and Michael are now without extra company for a couple weeks, but plan to take a drive to Houston next weekend to visit Michael's family. They haven't seen Savannah since she was three days old. Then Tony and I will invade them again. Tony is especially excited for his first meeting.
Thank you Michael, and Naomi for allowing a steady invasion of your privacy, but also for sharing your little miracle with all of us.

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Naomi said...

We love JoAnna. She was such a great helper and we really appreciate her spending time away from her busy life to be with us. We're looking forward to your next visit kiddo.
Love from Texas!