Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to all !!

Christmas was pretty relaxed compared to the earlier years. This year especially I have noticed the many changes that are taking place with the family being spread apart. It was 10:00am when Rodney and JoAnna woke up, so we all worked to make quiche for breakfast, before opening gifts. Peter,Jessica, and Ezekiel surprised us by coming by right when we started. The focus was not the gifts, but the time we could be together. The biggest hit for Rodney and JoAnna were there night blinders since they are both such night owls.
I'm going to miss Ezekiel when they head back to Rexburg Idaho. He is really focused on his mom however, so wasn't interested in others much, but still a cutie. I just know how much he will grow by the time I see him next.

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