Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trip to Albuquerque

The long awaited day finally came to leave for Albuquerque, however the weather and airlines ended up being a bit of a setback causing my flight to be delayed a couple hours. I was however able to catch my next flight in Salt Lake on time. Tony's flight went out of Portland in the afternoon also later, and then from Las Angeles to Albuquerque arriving by midnight. It was a long day for us both.
Friday morning we went to Anthony's school for a tour, video presentation that let us know just what Anthony has been involved with these past three years. I can now understand why the PJ's are considered the elite of the elite. As a mom I just need to keep my focus on extra prayers for his safety, and feel proud of his desire to serve others.
About mid-day the snow and wind picked up to the point of a blizzard effect, which made it quite interesting come time to dress up for the actual dinner. Nothing however could stop the excitement of this day for Anthony, but also Chelsea, and some excited parents. I know the rest of the family would have loved to be together for this event had it not been during the most expensive time of the year, or the craziest time to travel.
Ethan was so fun during the evening not only because he is so cute, but also because he was so talkative, and entertaining. Everyone enjoyed his happy go lucky personality.
Tony stood toward the front recording the ceremony, as Chelsea and I stood at the other side with tears of joy streaming down our cheeks. A great milestone has been met for many this day.

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