Thursday, December 27, 2007

Theme for 2008 is "Gifts"

Brent and Randi came to town last night, so we had our family Christmas and dinner here at the house. Peter, Jessica & Ezekiel came by for a short time before, however needed to leave by 4:00pm to tend Peter's sisters little girl. They didn't even get to see Brent and Randi before they left.
I had a fun time putting together a family calendar this year with allot of pictures from this past year, in hopes that we can all be mindful of each others special events to either send a message, or give a call. Its always nice to be remembered.
Within the calendar each month mentioned a gift we all have been given, based on a great movie "The Ultimate Gift". It was a friendly reminder of how blessed we truly are.
Lauren Yeaman joined the family festivities with Rodney. She may have thought she knew the family before, however I'm sure now that the dynamics have changed she looked at the family differently. Actually we weren't to crazy.
Part of the fun of the evening was listening to the guys pick out and practice a song to sing at church on Sunday. I really miss the music in the home, even all the corny songs that they would make up as they go.

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