Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday JoAnna

There is no way to top the exciting news we received for Thanksgiving. We are all so truly Thankful for this great miracle, and pray that all continues to go well, also looking forward with great anticipation for Savannah's arrival in March.
I of course reflect back on the excitement of our arrival 19 years ago, and the tremendous blessing she is to the family. It has been nice to have JoAnna here for Thanksgiving, and her plans to remain home through Christmas and New Years is very exciting to me, but also fun to see how much she and Rodney love one another. How grateful we are to have each of the kids have such love for one another.
Because I didn't know at first JoAnna would be here for her Birthday, we celebrated her birthday on the 29th with a dinner and Play at David Douglas. Sam DeRoest was the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, so all the DeRoest gang supported him for the opening night performance. It was allot of fun. Friday the 30th I had plans with the Young women to spend the night at the Bishops, and decorate there home for the holidays, a tradition we started last year, and they really enjoyed and appreciated the help. JoAnna came as well, so we could be together still. Everyone seemed to have a fun time.

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