Monday, August 13, 2007

Rodney's training

Rodney has really had a difficult time planning ahead with anything for his Marine duty since he doesn't seem to receive his orders ahead of time. Every month seems to be the same trouble.
He was told at first that his flight out would be on the first of the month, which was when we were scheduled to get home from Spokane, which worked out for caring for the animals.

Friday before however he called to ask where his orders were, and they told him to come in and report on Monday to receive them, then be prepared to depart on the 1st. Saturday morning at 4:30am however all Hell broke out when he received a phone call from his Sargent asking where he was. His flight out departed at 6:00am and needless to say he hadn't packed anything. Rodney even in his silent ways listened to a bit, then spoke up and stood his ground. Especially since it was just yesterday that he checked with them. He ended up flying out Monday early morning the 30th, so we arranged for Zack to come over and check on the animals on Tuesday.

Rodney's two week training took him to Washington DC for the first week, which gave him some time to tour some historical sights. (Gettysburg tour) They then drove to there final destination in Michigan where all I really understood that they did was blow stuff up, and ended up starting a fire which they were able to put out. I'm sure he did more than that, but thats what I got out of him anyway. He did say that the way this training started was a very good indication of what both weeks were. VERY UNORGANIZED. Allot of waiting.

I know he enjoys, and feels confident as he serves with the Marines. I can only hope as he moves forward with the next phase of his life that he can feel good about himself, and confident also.

He surprised us when he arrived home on Sunday night, the only problem was we were at the Morse's for dinner, so by the time we got home he was already gone to Matt's, and we haven't seen him today either. Even when he is home, he isn't. I really have a difficult time with that.

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