Friday, August 17, 2007

Changes in store

The news is out for some, so I thought I would include all with the projects we have been working on since last Friday the 10th. With Brent and Randi leaving, and Rodney gone on his training I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, so decided to put myself to good use while Tony was at work. When he got home he walked in to the house totaled. I cleaned out everything from the two bedrooms, and above, so that we could start ripping out walls to turn the room back into a family room. Needless to say Tony was shocked, and could only say "we're taking walls down tonight, aren't we? It was a late night, and early the next morning to complete the total destruction. Over a ton was hauled to the dump. It was very exciting for the change, but we were both sore, and concerned how long it will take to get some order back in the home.
What I failed to mention was when Rodney got home on Sunday, I really didn't expect him home, and the entire place was destroyed. All he could say when he called was," Mom what did you do?" I must admit I am glad he doesn't have a job right now so he can help us. The goal is to really work hard for two weeks. I want to go away to the beach knowing the house is in order when I get home, but we aren't as young as we used to be, so things are defiantly not done as swiftly.
The other project is stripping, cleaning and staining the deck while the weather is still good. Thursday Rodney and I worked to get it prepared, as well as painted the ceiling and prime the walls in the family room, then today when Tony got home we all got it stained. Tony really wanted to paint it, and I wanted to stain it, so it wouldn't scratch every time a chair or anything got drug across it. As it worked out we did get a brown stain, but it looks like it has been painted. I hope it works out.
After a short rest Tony painted the color in the family room(taupe), so we will be ahead for our tomorrow layout. I'll keep you posted with our progress.

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